Board-Certified Doctors Offering Quality Medical Care

All Carefree M.D. doctors are state licensed, board-certified physicians. They are available to assist you day or night, no matter what.

Experience and Expertise – Meet Our Doctors

Our Doctors are Licensed in Your State

In order to qualify for Carefree M.D., each doctor must be located in the United States and licensed to practice medicine in your state.

Our Doctors Must Pass Our Rigorous Credentialing Process

Every doctor who applies is carefully assessed to ensure the highest medical competency and communications skills. This process is based on the official guidelines created by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Our Doctors Undergo Extensive Training

Finally, we give each doctor extra training to master the technical aspects of telehealth. They learn the best treatment practices around giving phone and video consultations, and are allowed to take appointments only once they have attained the highest level of proficiency and confidence.

Getting Better Just Got Easier —
Make Your Next Doctor Visit Carefree

Diagnose Medical Conditions

Our doctors can diagnose most common conditions over the phone. To help improve the diagnosis process even more, you can set up a video call on your computer or tablet so our doctors can see you, too.

Specialist Referrals

Of course, not every condition can be treated over the phone. If your condition requires additional testing or assessment, or if you cannot safely be treated without an in-person visit, then our doctors will refer you to the appropriate place.

Prescribe Medication

If your treatment plan includes medications, our doctors can prescribe them and have them sent to your local pharmacy.

Provide a Note

Need an excuse for missing school or work? Not a problem. Just schedule a call and use your diagnostic consultation summary to explain your condition.

Offer a Second Opinion

Most people have no option but to follow their doctor's advice. Carefree M.D. gives you an easy and inexpensive way to get a second opinion - offering other opinions and alternative treatments.

Spanish Speaking Doctors

Getting access to care can be even more difficult if Spanish is your first or only language. With Carefree M.D., you can speak with a Spanish speaking doctor in all states.