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10 Incredible Benefits of Telemedicine

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March 04, 2021 | Resources

Telemedicine is the most modern way you can see your family doctor. But what are the exact benefits of telemedicine that make it so worth it? And can you really get the kind of care you can get at a doctor over the phone? Find out about the real advantages and disadvantages of seeing a doctor online.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine, or telehealth, is just like a normal visit to your family doctor. But instead of physically going to a doctor’s office, you consult with your physician through your computer or mobile device.

First, you need to find a telemedicine service with qualified physician. Next, you sign up and fill out your health profile. This helps the doctor narrow down how they should treat you. Then, you make an appointment that suits your schedule. Finally, all you need to do is turn your computer or phone one, and talk to your doctor online.

Communicating with a doctor and getting treated online or over the phone opens new doors both for doctors and patients. Find out why talking to a doctor online holds so many benefits.

10 Benefits of Telemedicine

1. Telemedicine Is More Comfortable

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of telemedicine is comfort. Turning on your computer and clicking on a few buttons is a lot easier than having to get dressed, get there, wait, get seen, and return home. Especially when you’re sick.

No matter how minor your illness may be, your body saves its energy to heal. When you force yourself to go to the doctor, you ask your body to give up a lot of that energy. Telemedicine can help you preserve your energy.

2. Reduced Transportation Costs and Time

Talking to your doctor from the comfort of your home might be pleasant. But it’s not always the most practical for people.

By avoiding the trip to the doctor’s office, you’re also avoiding spending money on transportation. Whether it’s on gas money or a bus ticket, you’ll save more by staying home during your next doctor’s visit. And every dollar counts. 

Plus, you’ll save time by not having to travel to your doctor’s office. 

3. No More Waiting Rooms

Speaking of time, one of the best benefits of telemedicine is that you won’t have to wait long. That means no more sitting around a waiting room, reading boring magazines. Instead, you’ll set an appointment and get seen by your doctor immediately on your preferred mobile device.  


4. Video Chatting Is More Hygienic

Waiting rooms aren’t just boring. They’re also potentially dangerous. There’s a greater potential that you’ll be exposed to germs and viruses in the waiting room.

Telemedicine lowers the risk that you’ll catch something on your next visit because you won’t come in physical contact with anyone when you see a doctor online.

5. Telemedicine Is Cheaper Than Traditional Doctor’s Visits

Because your doctor doesn’t need an office to conduct video chat consultations, they don’t need to pay overhead costs. This brings down the overall cost of your consultation. 

That’s why doctor visits over the phone are often much cheaper than seeing a doctor in person. In short, telemedicine is a great way to save on your healthcare.

6. 24/7 Access to a Doctor On Call

Telemedicine continues to grow in popularity.  A lot of healthcare providers now offer the option for patients to speak with them over the phone. This means you can reach out to a virtual doctor 24/7, no matter where you are. And if you’re feeling unwell or worried about your health, that’s a great opportunity to have.

7. Improved Access

All you need to access telemedicine is a desktop or mobile device and an internet connection. Increasingly, more people can afford these both around the world. Because telemedicine requires less time, cost, and energy from patients, more people can access this type of healthcare.

8. No Need to Take Time Off Work

When you see your doctor for regular checkups, you usually need to take time off work. With telemedicine, you can easily schedule a call with your doctor on your break.

Since your online doctor has flexible office hours, you can even book your telemedicine session on your evenings or days off if that suits your schedule better. 

9. Telemedicine Is Accessible From Anywhere

Telemedicine isn’t just for your home or your work. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can talk to a doctor from anywhere in the world. 

Tummy ache on vacation? Allergies on a work trip? Sprained ankle on a morning run? With telemedicine, you can call a virtual doctor immediately!


10. Preventive Care Is Easier

Another great benefit for telemedicine is how easy it is to access preventive care. Preventative care can save lives. By getting routine checkups regularly, you can avoid serious long-term health conditions.

Since telemedicine is more accessible, cheaper, and more comfortable people can turn to their virtual doctors with confidence. Plus, they can finally get the prescriptions and treatment they need to improve their lives long term.

The Disadvantages of Telemedicine

If telemedicine has this many benefits, why are people still going to the doctor’s office in person? There are downsides even to the best things in life. And just like any technology, telemedicine also has a couple of disadvantages.

Insurance Coverage

A lot of insurance providers don’t cover telemedicine sessions. This is partly thanks to how new the concept is. But, there are also difficulties with the insurance legislature.  

Only 26 states require insurance companies to reimburse you after telemedicine consultations.

Although telemedicine is relatively cheap, not everyone can afford it without insurance coverage.

Protecting Medical Data

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects your medical records. But, if the telemedicine consultation is through a public network, hackers could access your files. 

That’s why it’s important to consult with doctors over telecommunication through encrypted channels. This will keep your data safe and confidential, helping you avoid many concerns about security breaches.

No Physical Care

The one physical drawback of telemedicine is the fact that it’s not physical. A doctor can’t examine you in real life. They have to rely on your own assessment of your body.

But, a doctor may notice something that you wouldn’t otherwise. With telemedicine, they have to ask you a lot more questions than they would otherwise. Even the most routine checks require a longer consultation time that regular practices. 

Digital Concerns

Dying batteries, slow internet speeds, and connection errors are everyday issues of video chatting. The same goes for telemedicine.If you or your doctor don’t have a stable and speedy internet connection, you may have a hard time communicating. 

Licencing Issues

Healthcare laws vary by state. A physician needs a licence to treat patients from a particular state. And providing healthcare through state lines is highly regulated. 

If a patient and a doctor aren’t in the same state, licencing issues may arise. 9 states even have special licences for telehealth.

Telemedicine Is Not for Emergencies

Telemedicine is great for regular checkups and for treating mild illnesses. You can get a prescription or a recommendation from a doctor easily.

But, you should never turn to a doctor on call over the phone or computer if you have a genuine emergency. Patients experiencing severe symptoms should always go to an emergency room or a walk-in clinic immediately. 

Why Telemedicine Is the Future of Healthcare

Although it’s growing in popularity, telemedicine is still a new method. But, it’s here to stick around. The benefits of telemedicine clearly outweigh the disadvantages. 

As telemedicine goes mainstream, all of the kinks and disadvantages that currently affect it will be solved. And then it will be a staple of modern healthcare.

Telemedicine saves time, money, and effort for both patients and doctors. It’s a safer and more comfortable environment to get qualified healthcare advice.

Talk to a Doctor Today

There are countless other benefits to telemedicine. But, you’ll only experience them if you try it. If you have a minor illness,you don’t need to go to the doctor’s office. Book an appointment online instead.

At Carefree MD, we have doctors on call for you 24/7. You can talk to a doctor online today to consult about a number of issues. 

Experience the amazing benefits of telemedicine personally by talking to a doctor online!



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